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Screening & Due Diligence Solutions

Screening & Due Diligence Solutions

KYB, Adverse Media Monitoring, and Screening for Sanctions, Watchlists, and PEP



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The problem

Ensuring compliance when onboarding and managing merchants is often a fragmented process that relies on multiple vendors. A rigorous process helps payment providers avoid reputational and regulatory risk by preventing the onboarding of bad actors. 

On the other hand, overly complex or slow onboarding processes can deter potential merchants, hindering business growth and causing potential revenue loss. 

How can​ banks and acquirers ensure that the onboarding process is both safe and seamless?



The solution

Powered by machine learning, our automated solutions cover KYB, adverse media monitoring, and screening for sanctions, watchlists & PEP, to manage risk at onboarding and throughout the merchant lifecycle.

For the 20% of findings that require a deeper dive, we offer enhanced due diligence services. 

Automated, scalable solutions for screening and due diligence



Due diligence to establish business structure, ownership, purpose, and activities to verify authenticity and legitimacy.  

Adverse Media

Monitoring thousands of sources to determine if your merchant is under media scrutiny—before it becomes your problem.  

Sanctions, Watchlists & PEP

Screening up to date global law enforcement watchlists to uncover sanctioned entities and AML violators.  

Efficient, effective onboarding enables growth

Our solutions empower acquirers, banks, and payment service providers to:

Focus on growth

Increase operational efficiency with automated, scalable processes that enable you to focus on revenue

Maintain compliance

Meet the evolving requirements of regulators and card schemes, and avoid costly fines

Protect your brand

Prevent reputational risk by shutting out or offboarding bad actors and illicit activity

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comprehensive solutions?


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