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Your proactive security guardian

See beyond the reported merchant’s profile and into their entire digital ecosystem.

  • Identify and eliminate hidden merchant risk
  • Automate & streamline compliance monitoring
  • Prevent transaction laundering in your portfolio
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Mitigate product and brand risk

Remove hazardous, counterfeit and recalled products on your marketplace with a fully automated solution that:

  • Enforces your Acceptable Use Policy
  • Extracts recalled and IP infringing products
  • Approves or rejects millions of products per day
  • Unlocks new cross-border opportunities through advanced multi-region compliance
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Human Insight Combined With Artificial Intelligence

If your specialized solutions cannot be fully automated, we offer a portfolio of customized Professional Services. These solutions combine our global multi-disciplinary expertise, industry experience, and regulatory guidance with our advanced AI.

Proactive Detection

Keep an eye on violating merchants that are outside of your known portfolio but could still use your payment method.

Compliance Service

Continuously monitor the ways specific merchants adhere to your rules and policies. You control how to respond to their violations.

Sanction Watch Service

Identify and track items originating from sanctioned countries and regions (according to the OFAC) that are traveling through the payment ecosystem undetected.

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About EverC

EverC is a pioneer of advanced technology that provides risk intelligence for global enterprises. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning modeling to crawl millions of domains and give our clients full visibility, insight, and understanding of the internet. We shine a light on hidden merchant risk and reveal new opportunities to help businesses grow.