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Every website, no matter its industry or location, has a distinctive Digital DNA™. This Digital DNA™ is the composite representation of the website’s entire set of characteristics and attributes. It is language agnostic and comprised of code, text, meta-data, and images, and represents the entire digital trail left by the website and the business operating it.
Digital DNA™ defines the ecosystem of associations that can be linked back to a website through these online fingerprints.

To map an organization’s Digital DNA™, EverC’s automated technology scans the entire internet –hundreds of millions of sites – and extracts billions of digital entities to analyze and surface digital patterns and behaviors. We classify websites using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies, but we don’t stop there. We apply the power of Digital DNA™ to identify hidden relationships and evaluate hundreds of online risk vectors to surface insights on the millions of merchants we actively monitor.

EverC is a pioneer in technologies that illuminate the darkest corners of the internet and enable data-driven decision-making within organizations. We focus on the goals of your enterprise and how to assist you in growing your business and safeguarding your brand, and our technology can be leveraged in diverse ways to achieve these goals. Our product development strategy is designed to be responsive to what organizations require in order to accelerate time to revenue, and our best-in-class technology can be leveraged in multiple ways to respond to industry needs.

As a company with an unprecedented ability to unearth illegal activity, we inspire confidence in businesses around the world. Every day, we get a more complete picture of data and help companies put it to use through our current and emerging product set.


MerchantView™ is the industry-leading tool for detection and prevention of transaction laundering over online payment channels. Using advanced cyber intelligence techniques, MerchantView™ clearly identifies risks and exposes cyber criminals who take advantage of the internet’s veil of anonymity to engage in illegal activities.


MarketView uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to find illicit marketplace listings by analyzing text, images and metadata. By scanning millions of listings for illegal or counterfeit goods, marketplaces can quickly and seamlessly attain online safety and compliance, mitigating brand-damaging activity.

EverC Future

At EverC, our greatest competitive advantage is our best-in-class AI and ML technologies that allow us to collect, store, classify, analyze and make data connections. We are focused on broadening our capabilities to continue our mission to create a safer digital world for everyone.

Professional Services

The combination of our proprietary, best-in-class technologies, along with our team of multi-disciplinary experts, gives enterprises a clear edge in preventing risk, preserving their reputations, and uncovering new opportunities to grow and scale while doing business in the digital age.

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