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Developed to help Acquirers and Payment Service Providers, MerchantView™ prevents merchants that pose as legitimate businesses from selling illicit goods.

MerchantView™ provides you with a complete view of your online merchant payment system portfolio, detecting and preventing transaction and money laundering activities from entering your merchant payment system. By identifying this illicit activity, MerchantView™ helps you reduce and avoid fines, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect your brand so you gain the confidence and peace of mind to conduct business online and strive for a safer digital world.

Key Benefits

Mitigate risk while uncovering new opportunities to grow and scale your business
Reduce fines
Maintain legal and regulatory compliance
Protect your brand from negative associations
Gain insight into your merchant portfolio, ecosystem, and associations
Ongoing, continuous, and complete support of your entire merchant lifecycle
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Fastest time to deployment – EverC customer onboarding is completed within days

Key Features

Best in class automated transaction laundering detection
Continuous and automated content monitoring across the merchant ecosystem
Automated findings/Risk validation,
Findings evidence,
Test transactions and screenshots

MCC detection - Discover the actual line of business of legitimate merchants
WebID - Identify web presence of merchants that have not reported a URL
Complete risk profile management that is configurable based on your risk appetite and policies
Executive dashboard, MIS reports and comprehensive workflow
SaaS - scalable, minimal data footprint, and API enabled with enterprise-level security

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Professional Services

Clients can also purchase EverC’s Professional Services offerings to further customize their experience. We can reduce the complexity of compliance requirements by offering monitoring and testing services for merchants, transactions, and marketplaces.
Proactive Detection
Undercover Surveillance
Expanded Transaction Laundering Verification
Card Compliance Consultancy
Web Analyst Investigation
Deep Analysis Reports
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