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The exposure that online marketplaces face can be challenging. Just a few bad listings can result in large fines, reputational risk, and regulatory issues. Recognizing the enormous task of weeding out rogue listings from the billions of listings online, EverC has developed a solution to fit your needs.

Designed by a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in law enforcement, regulatory issues, regional payments, and intellectual property, MarketView can put the spotlight on illicit listings and help you eliminate them.

As a combination of technologies enhanced by human expertise, MarketView uses our proprietary Digital DNA™ to find illicit listings by analyzing text, images, and metadata. Marketplaces have tens of millions of sellers and billions of listings, which means you need a fast, scalable system that can handle a dynamic environment. Marketplaces can quickly and seamlessly attain online safety and compliance, mitigating brand-damaging activity.

Key Benefits

Deepest, most granular levels of detection available
Infinitely scalable
Fast time to market
Expertise in regulatory needs for compliance, payments, and risk
End-to-end, one stop shop

Key Features

Intuitive user interface and exceptional usability
SaaS/Seamless integration
Automatic learning - Feedback loop/Adapts automatically to new regulations
Case management/Dashboards
Full API Integration
Ability to identify a comprehensive range of intellectual property violations from pharmaceuticals to fashion, electronics, and software

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Professional Services

Clients can also purchase EverC’s Professional Services offerings to further customize their experience. We can reduce the complexity of compliance requirements by offering monitoring and testing services for merchants, transactions, and marketplaces.
Proactive Detection
Card Compliance Consultancy
Undercover Surveillance
Deep Analysis Reports
Expanded Transaction Laundering Verification
Web Analyst Investigation
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