MarketView prevents and eliminates hazardous, counterfeit, recalled, and dangerous products on your marketplace or managed e-commerce platform. Let us show you how listing-level product assessment can automate your compliance management, grow your business globally, and keep your consumers safe.

Quickly eliminate risk and protect your consumers, while mitigating brand-damaging seller activity. 

Designed by experts in trademark regulation, compliance, and intellectual property, MarketView exposes illicit listings and completely automates product assessments based on your specific Acceptable Use Policy.

MarketView uses our proprietary core technology along with AI and machine learning to find illegal products by analyzing text, images, dynamic metadata and more. 

Keep your marketplace safe from harmful and fake products with MarketView.

Key Benefits

Consumer trust
Protect your consumers from harmful products
Automatically enforce your Acceptable Use Policy
Access knowledge and guidance from compliance experts​
Global compliance
Enable growth through multi-region compliance

Key Features

Reduce workload by 99.9% with AI and machine learning automation
Illicit and recalled products
Evaluate and remove illicit and recalled listings in minutes
Deep analysis
Analyze text, images, and dynamic metadata​
Millions of products
Review 75+million products per day, 1200+ per second​
Platform risk solution
Single platform solution with simple interface
Full API Integration
Integrate with our API for simplicity and flexibility​

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Professional Services

Clients can also purchase EverC’s Professional Services offerings to further customize their experience. We can reduce the complexity of compliance requirements by offering monitoring and testing services for merchants, transactions, and marketplaces.

  • Proactive Detection
  • Card Compliance Consultancy
  • Undercover Surveillance
  • Deep Analysis Reports
  • Expanded Transaction Laundering Verification
  • Web Analyst Investigation