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We’re on a mission to illuminate the darkest corners of the web, and the world, in order to enable businesses to seize new opportunities.

EverC employees come from varying disciplines, but they share analytical ability, drive, and the desire to work at a forward-thinking company whose goal is to enable a better, safer digital world. We pride ourselves on a culture that combines the best aspects of finance, technology, and law enforcement knowledge and experience. We’re always looking for talented professionals at all levels to join our team in both our New York and Tel Aviv offices. Select a location below to learn more about our current opportunities.

What Our Team Members Say About Us

“EverC is a wonderful place to work. It is a collaborative and dynamic environment with everyone working together towards a shared mission. There are many perks to working at EverC, but what I appreciate most is working with people who are talented, kind, and highly motivated.”
Katie, Customer Success
“During my journey in the company, l have learned how much the company cares for their people, how people care from each other, how endless the opportunities to grow and learn new skills you have, the ability for you as an individual to create an impact on the company and the company to create an impact on the world, making it a better and safer place.”
Shelly, Operations
Coming from an economics background and combining the power of analytics with economics, my time with EverC has allowed me to better understand what goes on in the black market, something which is less delved into in economics. I have been here for 9 months and I can say that the people here are like family. We all respect where the other person is coming from and I appreciate that
Jeffrey, Analyst