We integrate deep crawling technology, a proprietary knowledge graph and advanced machine learning models with our world class domain experts to empower business growth. We give you the visibility, data, and tools to navigate risk and capitalize on new opportunities. We illuminate the Internet and shine a light on growth opportunities.

Cyber intelligence and risk prevention that makes the internet a safer place for business.

We build solutions that shine light on hidden risk and expose a merchant's unique digital presence. While other service providers look only at offline data and physical details, we work with your existing systems to close critical gaps by unearthing the unknown details of an online seller. We provide intelligence and insight that unlock opportunities that help guide businesses to grow, stay ahead of their competitors, and protect their brands.

Every day, our technology provides more complete picture of existing and emerging digital payment systems. EverC takes a non-traditional approach to helping our clients through advanced machine modeling to automate and pinpoint criminal activity. We give you the efficiency you need to make quicker business decisions so that your business can grow safely.

We offer a suite of Professional Services for custom needs that cannot be fully automated. These solutions combine our multi-disciplinary team’s expertise, experience, and knowledge with our proprietary technology to deliver results that can only be achieved through the synergy of human insight and algorithm intelligence.



MerchantView™ is the industry-leading tool for detection and prevention of transaction laundering over online payment channels. Using advanced cyber intelligence techniques, MerchantView™ clearly identifies risks and exposes cyber criminals who take advantage of the internet’s veil of anonymity to engage in illegal activities.


MarketView uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to find illicit marketplace listings by analyzing text, images and metadata. By scanning millions of listings for illegal or counterfeit goods, marketplaces can quickly and seamlessly attain online safety and compliance, mitigating brand-damaging activity.

Professional Services

The combination of our proprietary, best-in-class technologies with our team of multi-disciplinary experts gives enterprises a clear edge in preventing risk, preserving their reputations, and uncovering new opportunities to grow and scale while doing business in the digital age.

Featured Case Study

MerchantView Helps EU Bank Completely Eliminate Transaction Laundering Violations

An acquiring bank offering merchant services to brick-and-mortar and online merchants was being fined more than $800K per year by the card networks for failing to detect illegal transaction laundering occurring in its low-risk merchant portfolio. Read how EverC saved the bank more than $3.6M in potential fines after deploying MerchantView™ to onboard new merchants and conduct ongoing monitoring of the bank’s existing merchant portfolio.