For specialized solutions that cannot be fully automated, we offer a portfolio of customized Professional Services. These solutions combine our global multi-disciplinary expertise, industry experience, and regulatory guidance with our advanced AI to deliver results that can only be achieved through the synergy of human insight and algorithm intelligence.

Get industry leading guidance and support from our Professional Services team through these core areas of expertise:

Proactive Detection

Proactive Detection

Proactively trace and monitor violating merchants that are outside of your known portfolio and yet may still use your payment method.
Expanded Transaction Laundering Verification

Compliance Service

Enable you to control specific violations or websites as well as continuously monitor specific merchant adherence to rules and policies.
Card Compliance Consultancy

Sanction Watch Service

Finds and tracks items originating from sanctioned countries and regions (according to the OFAC) that are traveling through the payment ecosystem undetected.
Deep Analysis Reports

Investigation Reports

Details risk, compliance, and comprehensive due diligence findings regarding specific merchants. All investigation reports are analyzed by senior fraud analysts.

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