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For specialized services that can’t be fully automated, EverC offers a portfolio of professional services (PS) solutions to complement its fully automated offerings. The combination of our proprietary, best-in-class technology, along with our team of multi-disciplinary experts, gives enterprises a clear edge in preventing risk, preserving their reputations, and uncovering new opportunities to grow and scale while doing business in the digital age.

As part of EverC’s portfolio the following Web Intelligence (WEBINT) Professional Services are available:

Proactive Detection

Proactively trace violating merchants that are outside of the client’s known portfolio and yet use the client’s brand or payment method.

Expanded Transaction Laundering Verification

Increases Test Transaction coverage into lower-risk segments, and enables broader transaction laundering detection capabilities. Customized deliverables such as test transaction evidence, customer reports and more.

Card Compliance Consultancy

Provide a deeper and more thorough analysis of the client portfolio of merchants or a sub-set of it, to ensure compliance with the card brand’s rules and regulations or any client-defined policy.

Deep Analysis Reports

Perform in-depth investigations of merchants that have been suspected as related to products/content with high-risk violations.

Web Analyst Investigation

Extends the customer's investigation teams and helps customers outsource portions of the investigation function.

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